Wednesday, August 25, 2010

If This Is Goodbye

  Dedicated to a friend~

There is not a day goes by,
Without me thinking of you,
Things I did to you,
Things that happened to us. 

A promise broken,
A dream let down,
A future disillusioned,
A heart disappointed.

Do not cry for me my friend,
For your tears are precious,
For I am not worth your tears,
For your tears are only for God.

So if this is goodbye,
Let me say this,
This soul of mine will never be the same without you around,
For a piece of it has been taken,
And not returned,
Nor that I want it to be returned,
Forever it will remain a gap unfilled,
Yearning to be completed.

And if we meet again someday,
Somehow, somewhere,
May we be like two strangers,
A withered love started anew...


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