Tuesday, June 9, 2009


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You once said,
A filled bowl is what you wished,
And with all my strength and mettle,
I labored to fulfill your desire,

As the time flew,
And the bowl was full,
And so the time came,
And so it was offered to you,

You took it,
And you smiled,
Then you returned the bowl to me,

Inspired by Akh Azrul Azly


shuraif said...

hmm.. masih cuba memahami..

Jackster® said...

kenapa diri ini merasakan ada unsur jiwang dalam poem ini, salah dalam kefahamankah hehe

Farid Nazmi said...

um,anda tidak salah paham..memg ada elemen kejiwangan..benda ni ditulis 3 thun lepas..haha

alQasam said...

Talented and deep.